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Our account managers are seasoned recruiters and business professionals.



We understand how important your career and your life are to you.

We pride ourselves on professionalism.



We listen to what you say and what you want.


We love what we do and so should you.

Our Resources

Most of our major account managers have substantial recruiting experience, prior corporate experience, and a CPA or MBA. Our recruiting emanates from a wide variety of resources and companies including many Fortune 1000 companies, BIG 4 firms, consulting firms, and a myriad of smaller organizations in many geographical regions. We have powerful recruiting networks that crisscross nearly every corner of corporate America. 

Additionally, we belong to many different organizations in the business community that allow us to penetrate an even wider cross section of candidates. By being active in these groups, we are better able to fulfill our client requests in areas such as diversity hiring.

As part of our initial assessment of your open position, we evaluate and discuss sourcing from your immediate competitors; this often provides a natural starting point and typically the best fit from a knowledge perspective. Based upon the complexity and skill sets needed in the position, we also work with you to evaluate the adequacy of the local candidate pool and determine if exploring other geographic markets may be needed or desired as is often the case with highly specialized or higher level roles. 

Above and beyond everything, we pride ourselves on professionalism. At all times, our seasoned recruiters are very professional and represent you well in the market place.

In addition to our traditional permanent placement services, we also offer assistance on a contract or temporary basis in accounting/finance, information systems, and on-site contract recruiting.

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